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Journal Entry–Session 6 | 05-02-2012 | Kalista

Session 6 was held on the 5th of February 2012…

This session spanned almost two entire weeks of in game time, and while ‘not a lot’ happened, a lot more actually occurred than you may think.

Days 38 to 42

The days went by in blur. So fast, I could hardly keep track of what we did. The weather was either really bad or really good, no in between. Forcing me to expend a lot of internal energies to cast Tolera Ementorum on the party and the animals. That kept us safe enough from the harshest winds that day.

Day 43

On the 43rd day we noticed tell tale signs of a camp. Not just a camp, and actual settlement. The some rising from a chimney or two suggested it was a large one. twenty, thirty… maybe forty or more people… or monsters. We weren’t sure which.

Found a cave later that day, made it a lot more comfortable for everyone and we spent a lot less of our firewood. I was beginning to worry that our supplies were running low.

Days 44 and 45

Heavy snows and winds essentially forced us to stay where we were. Luckily, as the weather calmed down on the 45th day we were able to restock much of the wood and grazing for the pony.

Day 46

Travelling again. Closer to the settlement and in view of the Hand – the Five Fingers… By the saint… what is the church Scours doing all the way out here? Don with his enhanced senses – something about the fey pulling back the curtain on the limits of human senses or something like that.

Don was certain they were Scours. Scours are the arm of the Church of St Fergus that travel the land and ensure no heretics or heathens lived or breathed. This would mean bad things for us – even though we do not speak out against the Church and I fully believe the Saint is a good and just man, we would rather not want to answer their questions – not here.

Some footmen came out from the protected encampment, the man in the watch tower must have noticed us moving.

“Hide…” I blurted out… “Split up and hide..”

“And the pony? “ Fel asked… “ Damn the animal.  Quiet it.. Don, can’t your hound do that magics on it.. make the pony vanish..”

“Don shook his head.  I do not want to meat these people.”

He seemed afraid. Rightfully so I guess. Worshipping ? Well.. even praying to the fey or anything or giving them credit for ANYTHING could get your hung. I was scared.

We moved off together, covering our trail as we ducked into the forest and travelled for a good hour or more. We waited, and they did not come. Don checked it out – they were gone. Must have given up tracking us.

We decided a good place to rest. Rest now, and Don can guide us up the trail using his night senses – another blessing from the Fey or, perhaps all this time, he just is not quiet human?

We moved up the path and cross a well used wagon trail that led directly to the camp, hearing the shouting of goblins we backed off a bit more and out flanked the entire camp, slowly heading up the pathway up the mountain in complete darkness. Nothing but a hand touching someone who was touching and holding onto Don. If anything attacked us here, we would most certainly be doomed…

No. We wouldn’t have been. My magic would light up the mountain trail and alert the settlement below. Luckily we were not.

We found a cave a bit further up and camped. Again I cast the resistance spell on everyone. Taxing my mana to the limit. Perhaps… perhaps the crystal would be worthwhile? Perhaps I should get it back from the child. I only fear for its corruption. We know not of what it is – a Deep Crystal. But what does that mean? What if others could sense it. See it.. If they came in mirrored pairs or groups… What if others could draw from the other crystals. That would be fearful and dangerous.

Day 47

The camp had a wooden barricade all the way up to the entrance to the caves. Goblins had created a fuss that night – the screaming. Seamed to me the goblins and those of the camp were working together. And the gobs didn’t like the bargain.

We sent out Allusiel’s crystal – that creepy little stone that grows legs and charges off down the trail, vanishing from sight in a matter of seconds. Investigate the camp, learn about numbers, and return.

It took almost an hour but it came back in one piece. The settlement was large. One building could easily hold forty soldiers. Currently estimates were about twenty. Figure the camp ‘leader’ or commander sent out a message to someone in the north – Dwarf Town? Something about a regular shipment…

The settlement. The humans. They had a separate building – of goblins females.

A wagon is leaving shortly. We were very uncertain as to what to do, and eventually decided the Wagon was our safest option.

Fel said something about taking the book to the Scours… I thought he was mad. What would they do to us?

Day 48

Met up with wagon. Managed to get around them and in front of them, pretended we were just travellers. Ok, we lied. I lied. Hated it. Figured they would murder us if they knew the truth.

Four people on the wagon. Three soldiers, armed and armoured, and a priest. We travelled together.We were thankful for that. Around four days to dwarf town.

We spoke, and sang, and ate and drank. We were happy if a bit cautious.

The soldiers proved their steal by force marching for an hour or two. Other than Don we were ready to fall over at the end of it. Our story I guess had holes. I said we were from Felkbay (truth) and were asked by elders to go out to dwarf town (not exactly true) and find food (technically trueish). Ok I said it already, I lied.

The priest prayed with me. To me. For me. at me? Not sure which. Asked him more about the church. My knowledge is fairly limited. I was still afraid too. Very. I am sure he could sense it. Maybe he could sense the deception too. I kind of felt better after that.


Day 49

We can see the crest of the escarpment. We must be near dwarf town. Three days to go I guess.

The priest asked for Fel? What is going on? What has he done. If he revealed the book or his knowledge.. what would become of us? I was truly afraid now. Very very afraid.

Day 50

Day 50!  I cannot believe we have been out for almost two thirds of a season. Winter has not even truly hit us yet.

Damn that fool. Felghanis told the Priest everything – even gave him that accursed journal. Don was right, we should have just thrown it in the fire and been done with it. Damn it damn it damn it. I will not be burned or murdered by these people. I will not die here.

Damn Ghanis. If you soooo wanted to do this why did you even travel this far with us? Could have easily just gone directly to the Vatican. Damn it. What have you done?

I couldn’t sleep that night.

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