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Toxic Bard | d20 Character Build | Eclipse

This is a d20 character build using the Eclipse system.

He was a happy kind of kid. Loved the ladies, loved been in the spotlight. And people, they generally loved him too. Until, one dark and stormy night, Lard picked up the wrong girl in the wrong kind of bar.

The nigh was filled with passion, and then with screaming… his…. His lust was soon overcome by absolute horror as the cumly whench turned into a hideous old and decaying hag, her strength surpassing his three times over as it held him down and shagged him.

He was powerless and all he could do was scream…  The Hag got tired of this and clenched a bony hand over his mouth, almost breaking his jaw with her strength. Just then, the inn door shattered open and three would-be heroes attacked the hag. In the battle, and gagging for breath and puking his guts out, Lard slipped out a window and fell to the ground. He ran, staggered, away from that nightmerish place.

OOC: Ok poor bastard, right. But within all this is something more sinister, as will be shown below…

Getting Started

A level one character starts with 48 character points. He gets 6 from the first level feat. This is a human build, so he gets 6 for been a human and 4 extra skill points at level one.

Disadvantages: Accursed (+3) – he is a carrier of diseases. All ways. Showman(+3) this stems from prior to the hag incident. He is a show off. Duellist style, taking time etc.Secret/Valuable (+4) – he keeps the hag incident a secret. If mages/necromancers etc find out about his ‘abilities’, they could harm or harvest things from him. This is tied to the Secret or if word gets out too rapidly about his condition.

Total: 70 character points

The Basics

Now he is essentially a Bard class, but not so much the music/magic side of it. More a charmer and ladies man with a bit of duelling skill.

Hit Dice: d8. 4 character points. In combat he is melee focussed.

Saves: +2 Reflexes, +1 Will. 9 character points

Warcraft: +1 BAB. He is quite good at duelling. We could corrupt this for one handed melee weapons only. 4cp

Proficiencies: Simple weapons 3cp. And small group of weapons: rapier, shortsword, whip for 6cp. Light Armour. 3cp. No shields.

Skills: Lets upgrade the racial fast learner (3cp) improving the Fast Learner to 2sp per level, thus 8 at level one. In addition we give him another 12cp worth of skills. Total 20 skill points plus 4 x Int bonus.

Cost: 32 points – well that made a DENT.


I will break this apart into original benefits and those gained after the Hag Incident…

Presence: 6cp. The opposite sex suffer a –2 morale penalty to any saves/resistances and skill checks when dealing with him. This includes spell saves, or sense motive checks to counter seduction etc. In general, women find him almost irresistible. This extend to 10foot radius like normal.

Lore: 6cp. Rumours, Secrets and the like. Base of Level + Intelligence Modifier.

Finesse: 4cp. Use Dex instead of Str with one handed melee weapons. This is the classic training he has had in the past (even if it was more street based). Corrupted.

Luck: 6cp. Specialised for Will saves. The character gets to reroll Will saves. He must choose to reroll before the result is announced, and must take the second roll even if its worse.

Block: 4cp. Melee. Corrupted, he must be armed with a one handed melee weapon and cannot be carrying / holding anything in his off hand. This costs an Attack of Opportunity. Most likely the character will buy upgrades and Reflex training as he advances.

Cost 26 cp

After the Hag Incident.

Contagious Touch. 6cp. Bought as Inherent Spell (Contagion), useable once per day.Specialised/Corrupted – character has no control, however it generally occurs during intimacy or heightened emotions. Specialisation allows it to be used twice per day. Save DC is Cha based, DC 13+Cha and effective Spell Level is 3, and Caster Level equals character level. Upgraded to Supernatural for 6cp.

Cost: 12cp

Total Build Cost: 70cp.

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