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Winters End – Session 7 – 18022012

kalista-jail Session opens with the realisation that Felghanis has told Pestrito the Scour of St Fergus EVERYTHING.

Day 51

It’s morning. I could not sleep much last night, the worry and the fear of what a Scour may do to us now is almost too much. In the morning, it is probably evident.

Later that day I approach the priest. He is kind and benevolent even after my apology for Lying to him. He was not surprised by the lie, perhaps a bit surprised at my honesty. Forgiveness was swift and he ensured me that he meant no harm to me or my friends. I believed to him.

Day 52

Weather seems to be settling. A breeze and light snow every now and then. Later that day, shortly after lunch we noted a boat on the river. No flag, just a plain sale. It didnt stop to talk, just waved to the guards who had called out to it.

Odd. Where would they be coming from? Looked like a family on the boat too. Not slaves, more like refugees or something. Perhaps from some distant farm stead? The sailors themselves looked like from a tribe. Perhaps like we ourselves look too.

That evening, Allusiel awoke Don who awoke me. Her little crystal had been spying on the wagon and overheard the priest speaking to Felgor – the sergeant of the guards.

They now planned to arrest us at Dwarf Town. Arrest us? How. Why. Why now? It was almost my watch and we had to discuss this rapidly. Time was not on our side now, and easily just after dawn we would reach Dwarf Town and probably be hanging from gallows soon after that… I am too young. Too young to die.

Felghanis? What happened last night? The priest assured me he meant us no harm and now, after speaking with you,m they plan to arrest us and by that I mean kill us.

Stone Crest? What about it. It must be special but it’s beyond my knowledge.

Damn it. What now. Ok. we cannot run, we cannot flee. It is settled, roughly, that we wait to see what happens and perhaps discuss or defend ourselves, verbally of course. Felghanis in his strange sense of pride or justice or honour said he would hand himself over and let us escape. That is beyond reason, we cannot abandon him to them, not now. Not ever.

I sigh and left the tent, taking my position as guard with Felgor. He noted something was wrong but I waved him off saying I was not well. I let my watch go by and slept.

Attack… Allusiel awakens me to bright light and screams. Goblins had attacked, surprised us in the night. The priest is down. By the saint, no, I must save him. He is alive at least. I took up a guarding position as a hobgoblin dropped a silence spell on us. Damn it. I moved away and took an arrow high on my chest, near my right shoulder. I screamed out, words. Great. I began casting a spell calling forth the spirits of the forest and the wolves that lived there.

The hobgoblin caster shot off a web spell entrapping most of the team as other goblins set the wagon and tent ablaze. Nooo… web spells react badly to fire. Very badly I thought as it was suddenly engulfed in flames tearing through the veteran, Iyamon, dropping him to the ground and roasting the Scour where he lay.

I almost lost my spell, but managed to complete it – Nuntius Lepos! I shouted as three savage black wolves appeared out the nether and attacked the goblins. We defeated six, or seven of them. The caster and two others fled leaving us to heal up and clean up.

I healed Felghanis and Iyamon. The priest was gone. The fires the final wound that finished him. The soldiers were almost in a panic but Felgor took charge.

I have light I said, casting it to lead the way as we broke camp and pushed through.

Asking him what the plans are was of no use – We must get to the church and make a report. Nothing shook his resolve and he got irritated at my question, so I stopped.

Day 53

We crossed the river by ferry and came into Dwarf Town. The place was magnificent, an entire city dug and crafted out of the very mountain side. It was truly amazing. We turned from one corner to another, a working well and fountain. We soon took another passage, lit by pink light in the distance and as we entered the ‘clearing’ we were amazed by this enormous crystal in the ceiling that looked like a rose – a pink rose giving of a subtle, refreshing light.

Here we came to the Church. Workers were placing a new stained glass window with the image of the Saint.

We were welcomed, if a bit suspiciously by the guards and most commented on the death of Prestrito. He was a family man, a wife and a young son too. They were naturally destraught, and I felt their pain feeling I had failed. I should have healed him, and not waited. He may have survived. Now the boy must grow up alone. The wife may have to find another husband or somehow work. Perhaps the Church will still look after them, I can only pray that is true.

The sergeant makes his report to the Prelate – acting head or the true head of the Church here in Dwarf Town. He speaks to us and asks us to follow him. We do so. It is not like we can refuse him.

We are treated to a grand meal. Warm meats, that don’t smell like bear or taste like coal, smoke or frost. Fresh fruits too. He asked about how we met the priest, and I told him the truth.

The truth about the Seer Woman. Our quest, and encountering the Settlement near the Five Fingers. Explained that we were afraid and so we caught up with the wagon later on the road.

He took it in and then called his Aide for paper. Shortly after that he left us there.

The fire began to die down. We had been here an hour. Maybe two already.

I stoked it up and added more wood before checking the door. A guard said the Prelate would be back shortly and we should wait.

Another hour. I was worrying.

We heard the mailed boots of soldiers and they came in, I was tempted to unleash a Slumber spell but Felghanis shook his head and I conceded – bad idea.

“You are all under arrest for Trespassing on Church grounds and for the death of Scour Prestritio..”

I countered… “The goblins were the reason for his death, as per Felgors report!”

“That is for the Prelate to decide,  but you will probably be hung!”

We were stripped of almost everything save the bare basics of clothing. Even our shoes were taken.

Feugul barked savagely as he was dragged off and Don could do nothing. In a brief moment we heard shouting but it was drowned out.

In my cell I broke down and sobbed in absolute tears… 

“I cannot die here… I cannot die… not like this… not like this…. oh gods.. oh Saint… Saint… Save me… Save us… I convert… I convert…”

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