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d20 Class Building – Skyborne Archer

bowman_by_solidtom-d4pmpzsThis is an Eclipse build for an archer-sniper specialist

No background here. Simple concept is loosely based on the Deep  Wood Sniper and similar prestige classes.

The class is an archer specialist, favours the Bow (Long and Short as well as composite versions), uses light armour only, and relies on physical skills and stealth quite a bit. The Skyborne Archer is at home in the tree tops as well as on the rooves in cities or even on a cliff side or mountain.

Ok, let us get started

Getting Started

48 Character Points at level one, plus 6 from bonus feat. This is a race-free class so not taking that into account. Disadvantages – Pick any or none. Will aim to build this with none.

The Basics

Hit Dice: d6. The character is not built for toe to toe fighting, much like rogues. 2cp

Warcraft: 1. The character is strongly focused on fighting. 6cp

Saves: Ref +2. Been a climber/athletic it pays to have good reflexes. 6cp

Skills: 12cp.  Character is fairly well skills, mostly in physical skills.

Proficiencies: Light Armour (6cp), Simple Weapons (3cp), Bows (3cp) – 12cp

Total 38cp


Augmented Attack: +1d6 damage when on ‘higher ground’ (this does not include ‘jumping’) than your target. 6cp  – paid double here as I felt this is more ‘common’ than sneak attacks. This is still limited as a base to target’s within 30ft.

Extended Range: Adds 45feet to the range, thus making an effective shot within 75feet still adds the Augmented Attack damage. Corrupted – only for bows (the class is a bow specialist so this only counts for short and long bows). 4cp

Total 10. Class Total 48

This is almost perfect as the bonus 6cp from the level 1 feat is still available to be used.

Advancement ideas

Block – ranged. This would give the character some reprieve from enemy archers.

Silencing upgrade for Augmented Attack – a target hit wont immediately be able to alert anyone.

Climbing focus – Skill Focus  / Speed Upgrade – allowing you to climb faster.

Acrobatics / Lightfoot – Specifically to allow you to move on a wall.

Split Movement (Ranged) combined with acrobatics allows the character to run or tumble on a wall, gaining a temporary height advantage to fire upon his targets before landing on solid ground again.

Additional Augments (probably every 3 or 4 levels, baring in mind the limit of 36cp invested)

Additional Upgrades to Augment. Continuing is a great one – allows you to wound a target and move off while the target continues to take damage. Disabling is another one, dropping the targets movement speed.

Immunity to cover/concealment – this is Improved Precise Shot. This helps if the target takes or has cover or is within a crowd of people

Some more advanced and potentially off theme would include inherent spell or innate enchantment (Spider Climb) – allowing you to sit on a wall and still shoot.

Lots of potential

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