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Making Props

26032012 Ok.  My wifey bought me a great present from Kmart here – a craft tool kit for 20 dollars. It is amazing – comes with blades for sculpting, files, a steel ruler with inch and centimetre measurements. Clamps etc and almost everything else we want in a kit – including a mini hot glue gun!

Anyway, my first project actually came to me from our last session for Winters End and its a stairwell. Yup a plain old stair well around a central column.


The column came from two toilet rolls, empty. I filled them with a rubber block cut to fit into it for extra weight. 

The base is a sponge (heavy sponge) rectangular piece – about the size of a playing card or just a little bigger.  Under that an old magnetic business card (we play on a magnetic board so that the stairwell would stay in place).

The ‘steps’ are more of the ‘heavy’ sponge cut into one inch squares – perfect ‘bases’ for miniatures.

All of this glued together with the hot glue gun.

Next step is to grab some granite grey or rock grey or some kind of, yes you guess right, grey spray paint and coat it all in a uniform colour.  I may try be creative with the column, draw in darker lines or something but I doubt it.  Rather a smooth finish.

The hardest part is the top – there is no ‘cap’ to the rolls so I had to fill it up. Hopefully with the paint it would be awesome.

Check the picture

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