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Marl – Background and Summary of past sessions

Marl is an Elan Psychic Rogue / Ardent – a Gestalt Character from the Unearthed Arcana Sourace.


Marl literally woke up around 3 weeks ago with knowledge and power. He has no idea what he is or who he is but he enjoys creating trouble and been a thief. And a good one save for the unfortunate disadvantage of having extremely odd coloured skin. His skin is a pale blue, while at a distance he can get away with it, up close he is recognisable on the spot.


He found himself accosted by drow assasins and another human came to his rescue. The two sort of shared a bond after that in order to figure out WTH was going on and why they were been targeted.


That very night they stayed in a safe inn ran by retired dwarven adventures. In the morning they awoke to the horror that the dwarves and ALL inn guests and staff had been slaughtered – thus, by default, they were branded outlaws and murderers and both have a price on their heads.

The two fled to the Rats Warren and abandoned part of town where they tried to escape. An encounter with a ranger of sorts was interesting in the fact that he did not turn them in.

A while later they encountered wererats. Nym fell, and Marl fled after killing one. He spent the next few days selling some weapons / goods to research the wererats and to buy a silver sword and a few silver arrows.

Returning to the warren, he unfortunately brought a City Strike Team with him. He joined up with Nym and another wererat. Together they fought the guards. Welll, by that I mean the rat and Nym fled, and he fought them. Beat most of em too.

Some fled. He let a few go saying this was HIS place and they should stay out of it. Not a moment later he encountered a Drow bitch of a whore who hit as hard as a beserked ogre and had bad magics that saw him almost blinded and soon cursed into clumsiness.

He fled from her as quick as he could, holing up in an abandoned building for the rest of the night.


Meeting with Mark, the leader of the rats he learned their story – cursed remanants of the thieves guild. and that Marl had killed one of their own. As payment for the blood debt, he agreed to get the rapier back that he had taken off of another wererat, not aligned to them. The rapier had the marking of the old thieves guild.

Well. He almost failed the task. He assaulted the alchemist whom he gave the rapier too, failed to find it and had to flee as guards came crashing into the building.

A while late he asked a guard patrol about poison (bright but not so smart). They recognised him, and again he fled. Returning to the rats warren…

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