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Star Trek Adventures

Our small gaming group did our first dive into Star Trek Adventures rpg

The mission was semi diplomatic and semi combat where we had to a) stop these strange rock beasts from destroying cities

B) find out who was responsible and bring them to justice


The d20 system they use is relatively new to me. Basically you have 2 or more 20 sided dice and need to score under a number that is made from your attribute scores and disciplines

I love that you can buy more dice by giving the game master more threat points.

This however ended up with a lot of threat towards the end and my player character been vapourised.


As we only played a short game I don’t have a lot of negatives but do feel that progression would be slow

The game is definitely designed for larger groups of 4 or more players and even then its likely that different scenes would require a player to play a redshirt /npc effectively which I don’t like the thought of.


All in all the system and game was fun. I would play it again but I am not that eager to get it on the table.

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