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Introducing Stacey St Claire. Mutants & Masterminds

Introducing Stacey St Claire. Mutants & Mastermind Character
Age: Unknown, most think she is 18-20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight, but has a fetish for hot gay men
Hair: Blonde, dark, slightly passed shoulders. Usually worn loose or in pony tail.
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Pale. In summer has light tan.
Style/Clothing: Nudist. Well, around her home when she is alone anyway. Other times, loose clothing,tshirts and dresses/skirts. What ever the latest fashion is (and she is usually trying to make the latest fashion)
Family: Mother and father own Saint Pharmaceuticals, A Global medicine producer and research company. Wealth level rivals that of Wane Tech, Stark Enterprises, Luthor Corp etc.
She is not very close to either parent as since about the age of ten she has been left at home as she was old enough to look after herself. Her own allowance is higher than some wealthy people’s salaries.
Friends: Three Best Friends. Lucey Fairchild (best of the best, known her since kindergarten). Also wealthy, not as high as the St Calire’s though. Tracey Morgan and Darcey Muller were both kindergarten friends and moved to the same primary school as Lucey and Stacey. The four became best friends in the 3rd grade.
Education: Primary School, Catholic girl’s school. ¬†High School, private school in NY City – Liberty College.
Enemies: Carla Jansen, Marla Mathews and Tara Corin. All three are seniour girls at Liberty and do not like Stacey at all. Reason, Stacey look older, a lot older, than her age. She has a better body and more money than the three of them and Carla (ring reader) lost her boyfriend to Stacey. For about 3 weeks until he dumped Stacey for been a tease. Stacey learned only one good lesson from the Catholic school. Save yourself for marriage. She wears a promise ring now. and is a virgin.
Despite the scientific nature of her parents, Stacey is following artistic pursuits. Fashion mainly.

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