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Winters End – S024 – Kalista’s Juornal

yukon_sunset_by_eshoe-d4rurxcOOC: The players of Don and Fel didn’t make the session so this was pretty short

Day 94 – Highgate Monastery

We waited patiently for the large bear and large it was. It didn’t take long for us to put it down but we did spend most of the morning treating the meat. Bear meat – who would have thought I missed it.

Later that day we headed towards the Cape to gather the clams. Had to call my mount-spell to carry the load of the bear meat and some of the goat it was dragging.

On route Artan was fairly talkative about his magic – third circle spells he had reached and he knew some I had never heard of – A fiery scorcher spell and Fireball as well. He was happy to trade spells – but the expenses of writing a spell to a book was more than I had available so that would have to wait. Perhaps the value of the clams and pearls they may contain would allow me to learn one or two spells from him. We will see.

As the sun set I once more called up the Secure Shelter and we all slept quiet well with full stomachs.

I found that my dreams fell back towards Stonecrest and all that happened there. The Angel and the words “Arayor is proud of you…” it warmed my body more than the fire itself and I knew at that moment that everyone would be fine. Hate, and lust for vengeance seemed to slip away as I felt the warmth of Araytor all about me. The gift that was granted was more than any material object and now I must see to it that I use it to honour his name – Defend the weak, seek and reveal Truth. That is now my pledge, my vow.

Day 95

Fine weather greeted us this day as we headed towards the Muddy Cape. Muddy it was, the ground wet and squishy seamed to cling to it. Our boots cracked through thin ice only to be smothered by the mud. Still, travel was fine and it dawned on us we only had one shovel – very good in preparation we are not.

Still I was able to use a spell to hurry us along – Detecting the presence of the Clams made it easy and we ended up with no less than 24 of them – and within 3 pearls as well – that should fetch us a tidy sum!

We returned to the cottage that still stood in a clearing, magnificent in its craftsmanship but somehow out of place at the same time.

Day 96

Fine weather again, we hustled back to Vrim to get there before night fall for I had no more materials for the Cottage spell – a fairly expensive one at 5 gold pieces a casting.

We made it back fairly tired and exhausted and the group of us split up with the heroes of Felkbay staying and dining at Lord Tovrin’s keep agreeing to meet with Lorko and his party in the morning at the Red Stag.

Brief discussions with the Lord revealed some truths – The Sheriff had been out to the easy, and true enough believed that the Cult was a real threat and existed in the ruins in the mountains – the cult had been preying on the outlying farms and villages and now, Lord Tovrin requested our aid once more.

With three days to the full moon I looked to others for the answers.

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