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Winters End – S017 – Kalista’s Journal


Day 90

Need to start looking for paper or a spell book. Finding Rune Paper here will not be easy, but I know the rudimentary basics of soaking the papers in the mystic oils needed to store and protect the spell formulas.

Things of course did not go according to my plan. Don and Fel are acting more odd than usual like something has happened between them, something unsaid. I hope it is not a conflict – Fel may not be so quick to forgive Don for his apparent insults.

Fel is thinking that Lorko may be a plant, someone tasked with finding easy prey for the Vampire. I suppose in the greater scheme of things, that is plausible but I had no reason to doubt Lorko and he seemed adamant in his quest to kill them. Vampires.

While Don and Herath went out to ask about the town and the surrounding lands, I and Fel tested the book’s power again and this time, the division of my senses was not so acute and more so it was focussed here in Vrim and in the Tower of the Siprin no less.

I proved the effectiveness of my Locate Object spell as with. Fel told me he had went to the Church ruins – and there bumped into Fenris. Something that Fenris was been controlled, commanded by a spell – perhaps by his own pact?

Worse, Thiridia – the werebear inquisitor of the Church – her master was here. One by the name of Jonas. This bodes ill for us. They are certainly after the book – they must know it is here. If they had direct contact through magic and prayer, they could be getting hints, guidance from a distance – and is not that the point of been a faithful follower? Seeking guidance?

Don and Herath return and we decide to leave the town for a bit and explore the nearby Lute Makers Wood – that reminds me, repairing my harp or finding another one. I miss the calmness of my fingers running along the cords   – miss been amazed by a different tone, surprised by a new tune I discover.

Don had a good idea when we left the town, he found some of the old houses, abandoned and in an ill state could be readily made habitable again – he even approached a local family and spoke to them at length. Perhaps we could put our additional coins together and purchase or lease a home for a few weeks. So far I like it here – probably more that I like been in a town with people. Seeing different faces and learning different things.

We crossed over bouldery – rocky hills and entered the darkening woods that the locals believe to be haunted. We were talking amongst ourselves about Fenris and the Church  when suddenly this beast rushed us, slamming Funghal to the floor. In an instant Fel called out Girallon – a four armed gorilla, covered in white fur.

The battle was heated and the threat was real. It was hungry and desperate for food. Herath stabbed it with the new spear, and it immediately lashed out.  Blood splattered several times across my face as the beast hit him with all four arms and rendered his armour and flesh from his bones before biting and tearing the flesh from the tribesman’s face.

I had to spend my energies, ducking out of reach of the beast I touched Heraths soul, feeling his blood in the land itself and healing the most savage of his wounds. He was awake, barely.

Fels spell failed to take hold and the beast retained its sight. Don moved forward and struck it with the Metaline Mace. Funghal tried to bite it, but did not do much. The beast picked up Herath as he tried to stand and crushed him back into unconsciousness – with a meal in hand it fled. Funghal threw a entanglement spell, but it was of little use. Fel though, shot off a crackling ray of blue-green-black energy almost like lightning that struck the beast. I expected it to howl in pain, but instead it roared in anger, and we could tell it was weakened. It dropped Herath and climbed the tree at the same time my summoned Dire Wolf appeared trying to bite it as it fled.

It however was caught within the Entangle Spell. Within moments the battle was over, and Herath was almost lost…

Once we recovered and I healed Herath again so he can walk, we continued on into the forest. Don described the scene of his dream, and by focussing on one of the stones in the circle I cast my Locate Object spell and at first found nothing but a while later I sensed it and we approached. It was obvious we were in the right place when the trees got bigger and a mist filled the spaces between the trunks…

Don put down an offering of three silver coins and three torches. At first nothing, then three beings emerged from the Mists almost as if the forest itself had summoned them.

They spoke to him as if we were not there at all – but at the same time I felt that the whole forest was watching us – watching the outsiders.

Don almost worships these Fey, or at the very least he has Faith in them. This explains why he dreamed of them and all his powers… mystical and unusual but no doubt they are there.

The Fey want the Woods cleared and want a price to be paid for the loss of ancient trees and protected animals that live here. Their price made them sound more monstrous than Fels Uncle. I took a step back, almost coughing out my breath and cursing them outloud…

I held back. They wanted the blood and life of a hunter. They wanted him, Don, to bring a hunter to the circle and sacrifice him. 

Don could do it too. I am not sure he would. At the least, and perhaps for our own benefit, he tried another plan another tactic.

A deal was struck, a sacrifice will be made by the full moon and then for the next nine years!

We left the sacred area and found ourselves fairly quickly outside of the forest almost as if our passage was made easier by the Fey. I shook off that idea – there is so much I do not know of this world, but creatures like this should not be trifled with and as yet I do not have the spells to protect me. I will soon though, but again, I need a new book.

Ah… If only I stayed with the Uncle – maybe I would not need this book – it is a crutch. What if my path went elsewhere?

We arrived back at the inn to meet the Dwarves. They appeared to have been out and mentioned that soldiers had questioned them about Fel and books.  God Fel can he not think before he speaks? He had asked Arthur if the Siprin’s had any old books or found an old book recently.

“I will not spend another day in a cell!” I said out loud. I now know that my spells must be chosen carefully. The crutch though is more of a blessing – I have far greater versatility than Fel.

Hmm… what to do now?


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