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Winters End – S016 – Kalista’s Journal

Girl_with_red_hair_by_Geirahod (1)Day 89

I slept well. Very well in the warm, and comfortable bed. Can’t believe it has been almost an entire season since we left Felk Bay. My resources are now running low – many of my more useful spells require special grasses, furs, and others. My research into new spells, playing with the alpha-magnus waves and fine tuning formula has been working well enough, but now, here in Vrim, I need to find some specific minerals, gem stones, and other things that were impossible to find out there.

After a long bath in warm water, I met the others for breakfast. We were planning and discussing what to do when a group of Soliders from the Tovin Tower came in and approached us. I stood up thinking for a moment we were to be arrested again. Part of my wondered if Felghanis had done anything the night before… Fear slowly sank in and I almost panicked. I almost ran.

They were pleasant enough, but direct in their question. “Where are you from, what are you doing here, how long will you stay”. I answered for the group and answered truthfully. They were satisfied and they left us alone. All at the table sighed.

It was finally concluded that we would get some of the warm clothing from Athur’s Cousin and then split up to find out information and certain markets or shops. I, Fel, Don and Herath were going to come with me as I followed instructions from the cloth-merchant (after we bought some bright coloured cold weather clothing) and found Madam Lims shop – an apothecary! I relate it to a warrior finding his perfect blade or a child in a bakery. I was lost in thought and decisions and umming over what I could do with bat guano and that hint of sulphur.

The Dwarves, Anier and Kellor went in search of blacksmiths and armourers.

We also heard rumours this day.

  • Kohl the dwarf at the Whalers Inn was looking for people to help him find an old stronghold or ruins.
  • Madam Lim wanted help getting some Clams from the Muddy Coast (name?) to the north
  • She also mentioned that Fey had been spotted in the Lute Makers Wood near the Swamp – holding Court.
    • Here Don mentioned he had a dream about fey in the ice. I figured they were calling him perhaps?
  • Fel mentioned her heard of a man named Lorko wanting to hunt down a Vampire Queen in the area.

Sometime around here or just after Don and Fel seemed to have a small argument about whatever.

Madam Lim identified the potions and we traded two high-level curing ones for a a few lower level ones and some coin.

At lunch

The dwarves found two possibly buyers but they wanted to trade not buy. One had more goods than the other as well so we headed there.

We traded our weapons and armour and with some coin got many valuable items in return.Fel got a staff that attacked rapidly, Herath got a spear crafted in the likeness of Kento’s own – enchanted to deal fatal wounds to giants. Don upgraded his shield to a larger kite shield, also enchanted. The dwarves seamed happy as to what they have and took nothing. I too did not need any of this martial equipment. I was more interested in finding a paper merchant – I needed to make or buy a new spell book now.

We met Lorko at the Red Stag Inn. He appeared to be a wizard of some kind, but all of us were more distracted by the strange looking woman. Broad shouldered, red hair, purple eyes, bronze skin. A Margat – a genli – tied to the elemental nature of earth itself. I had only heard rumours and stumbled across some stories from the old Coger. The dwarves were immediately interested in her, and so too was Herath who looked a bit infatuated. I was again stuck between choices and chose to speak with Lorko.

He was indeed a wizard of sorts. Broad rimmed hat, sword on the table and an old map.

We approached and he was pleasant enough. Introductions were made, and we discussed the Vampire.

Again, almost out of know where as the discussion turned towards Fel and his ‘interest’ in her. Don said to Lorko “Do not take him seriously” and Fel got in a huff and stood up and left.

I thought the discussion was to end but managed to sway it back on track as we made plans. Queen Marsaleen – 400 years old – was excommunicted from her own Fief when the church rose to power. St Fergus engaged her and turned her, banishing her from her own lands.

Lorko thought she would be in the Monastery. He knew she was experimenting on creatures such as Utyoughs and thought perhaps she had moved to nearer the swamp.

He also knew of the other rumour we heard of Lady Terranun – rumoured to have a polymorphed dragon as a song bird.

I had dinner with the man and we spoke about many things, local history in the area, vampires, undead, and more.

Don had left to speak with Fel and came back a moment later. He said nothing about it and we ate a light dinner before heading back to the Whalers Inn.

There, we literally bumped into Kohl and discussed his request as well.

Don and Fel exchanged looks and again Fel left the table. I was thinking how childish the two of them seemed.


Kohl wanted us to find Bilofs Stronghold – built by the ancient Dwarven Lords. He was an alchemist and wanted to find Bilofs own alchemical journals. As Don and I looked at the dwarven map, and figured out where north was we could see some similarities to the one we had.

With all these ‘quests’ we discovered an easy path to do them all…


In two days we would:

  • Meet with Lorko and explore the Monastery in search of the Vampire
  • After that, Don and I and hopefully the rest of our group will go and fetch a few clams for Madam Lim – the coin would be worth while.
  • Depending on the state of the Vampire problem, (and hiopefully she is not at the Monastery) we would head south(?) to the hills in search of
    • A – the stronghold
    • B – the vampire
    • C – Utyoughs
  • If all goes well we would do all of this in about a week or so (depending on weather) and return back to Vrim with some more stories, coin and perhaps just a little bit of Fame…

I read my journal again. Hmm might need to make another one of these too I think it is growing a bit thin and some of the older pages are beginning to crack from the cold weather.

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