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Grey Hawk – Ymber Rose – Session 002

Night 2

The walk home was quiet, which was pretty good, until the sound of thunder errupted through ground itself. The portal. It must have been the portal, something may have come out?

Should I go?

I turn about to head that way, and see a white shadow leap from across the roofs. The man, the white clad man was going after it. Suicide I thought – anything coming from the hells it not meant to be here, and its pretty plain that anyone from this world is not meant to fight it.

I turn about and head back to my hole in the warren. Sure someone was in the sewer. Didn’t see them though. 

I slept a bit, woken up later by a loud shriek – like a hundred women been stabbed in the heart at the same time. I almost felt the pain. The thing, from the portal. Maybe the white clad man got him? Maybe it go him instead.

Day 3

The city was quite, what rumours I learned was that something did come through and between the White Clad Man and them, they were able to defeat it or drive it off.

Aramel offered me the room upstairs. That would be better than the sewers at least. I visited the portal – body parts were still littered all over the place. It was incredibly nauseating I nearly vomited.

Saw a wounded man near the market, and helped him to the church. He slipped a note into my backpack. Bruno is in town.

Bruno is in town. Damn it. Bruno  – he was one of the meanest strong men working for my father. He is dangerous, and very very violent. What he does to people – to girls – is unforgiveable.

The whiteman somehow knows him?

Damn it what to do now. Should I run? Should I face him?

I waited for the man to come out of the church. It was him, the white clad one. But I never saw him. Turned down one alley and saw Bruno. Fuck, I ran. Ran fast. Lost him. Or perhaps he didnt give chase. Waited till nightfall before making a move.

Keep it normal I thought. For now. Maybe I can fight him? Catch him off guard? Kill him… Kill him? No. Maybe I can convince him to leave me be?

Went back to the Flaggon and helped with a slightly busy night. Despite the stillness of the city.

The whiteman was here, half asleep by the looks of it at his table. Bruno walked in too. I tried to bluff it, like I didn’t recognise him. For a moment he believed me but it didnt last.

Bruno went after a drunk blonde lass. I gave chase. Attacked him. He ran, and I chased. WIth a brief flash the white clad man landed on him, and whispered “Sweet dreams” are something. I charged him, out of reflex, pushed him off of Bruno, but it was too late – he had already slit his throat and a dark pool of blood was staining the road.

The whiteman fled. And I did too. Damn it, someone might have seen me. Might get the blame for murder now. Damn. Another reason to leave this city, this city called Haven. At least I saved the girl.

I retrieved Whiskers the Rat and returned to the tavern – to my room. It was good to have an actual bed and a blanket and pillow.

Heard talking and investigated. Aramel had hired this man, this assassin to Kill Bruno. Damn I was wrong, very wrong. I thought Bruno was here for me.

I knew I saw this man before. The assassin. Can’t place his face though. But it was a long time ago, perhaps another city or town.

Some guards came to the door and Aramel waived them off like he owned them. More of a reason to stay I thought – Aramel had power. Hidden, secret power. In Gold and Influence.

Aramel said the guild or parts of it were coming tomorrow morning for a meet. Perhaps I could talk to them then.


Day 4

Met them. The men trying to start up the guild. Someone named Markus owns the Rat. Or Rats in General perhaps. I don’t mind though, Whiskers seemed too special.

Some job to do. The man, Nym, appears to be the leader. They were here the other night. Knew then something was up. They wanted to take ownership of a few warehouses in the abandoned slums area. Problem was they were held by the Mayor and we needed him to sign them over to us. Us. Well seems I am already assuming I will have a role to play in this and I am probably going to play a big part.

Seems the Mayor had dealings with the Old Guild. Well things are getting interesting. Old Guild? So there was one?And it dissolved for some reason. Why? Questions – I love questions that need answers.


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