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Greyhawk Campaign – PC3 – Ymber Rose – Journal – Session 001


Character Intro Here

The city of Haven is a huge place. It took me almost three weeks to get here from the coastal city I had fled to.

Night One

The first night here I crept into the slums area, seemingly abandoned I decided it would be safer to sleep in the old sewer system – the smell was not as bad as one might think, guess that is because the sewers are old and probably not used much anymore.

There’s a rat here that keeps watching me but shies away and runs off if I try and feed it.


Day Two

The rat was here again in the morning. I almost feel its watching me. This time I fed it and was mumbling about finding work – the rat seemed to react as if it understood. How is that possible? Well, there are probably hundred and two reasons for that or more, but I am not too worried. Father didn’t like rats so I am certain this is not his doing.

The rat led me up to the surface and into a small market area. Almost definitely it understood what I wanted. Here I bought some cheese, some better clothing for travelling – I am sure winter was drawing near – and started listening to rumours. Rumours about this ‘thing’ in the old city market that appeared after a dark elf summoned it. It was still there and changed colours from red to blue. Strange. I must look at it.

Also heard of a job opening at the Rusted Flagon. A tavern near by. The owner was an Elf named Aramel. The tavern itself seemed fine, typical tavern and around breakfast time it was not busy at all. A strange human came in, his clothes more white and off white colours than not. I served him Elven Wine and he paid with a silver. Aramel seemed to react to it. They must know each other but it didn’t bother me much. I had ‘got the job’ as a bar wench.  The plan was simple enough – use the tavern to learn of rumours and the like of wealthy peoples and objects going missing. Would just have to overcome the patrons love of arses – bar wench arses.

The rest of the day I spent exploring a bit more, getting to the more wealthier districts and seeing the ‘door’ in the middle of the old city market. Almost a 30 yard dead zone was placed around it and while a few people looked at it, no one looked for too long and most did pointless signs of blessings to the gods.

Patrols were heavy too – four to six soldiers and a cleric or mage – that would mean applying my other skills (for fun) would be hard. Well more fun that way I guess, but first I need to make contact with any organised guild or at the very least find a fence.

I returned to my hole in the warrens before lunch and rested for most of the day. The rat, Whiskers, returned to follow me when the population density was reduced.

I heard some people down here, but didnt bother with it. I guess I should investigate more in case there is a base down here. A base for criminals – I may not like their kind but at least I would be able to get rid of some… um… borrowed goods?

As I slept I swear someone or something moved passed my hole in the darkness. I shook me up enough to place caltrops near the end. Soon after that I packed up and left, leaving a chalk trail just near the entrance – hopefully it will show if anyone has moved into my hole. Probably should find a better place to live.

The Flagon was getting busy and I dodged a few slaps within the first hour. Was nearing close when one lucky bugger got a feel! He was very proud of that – I am almost sure there was a wager going on too.

The stranger was still here too. His boots were damp – could he be following me? No. That is just a chance a coincidence. He put an end to a minor fight, cleared the table for some other patrons – one of whom ordered a ‘fancy’ drink. Bah.  in this tavern? Fancy? Still, Aramel seemed to know them and served the drinks himself. Heard him call one of them Mark.

Heard a rumour about holy relics been moved out of storage and made ‘ready’ just in case something came from the ‘door’

Another fight almost broke out and the stranger clapped his hands loudly together. Everyone was shaken by the looks of it. Well, I wasn’t. I didnt like him much and told Aramel of that fact.

He was the last to leave the tavern. Soon I left too, looking about to check if I was been watched or followed.

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