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Winters End – Journal Entry – Session 8 – 26022012

Day 53 Mid Winter

I think it is still the same day that we arrived in Dwarf Town and got arrested. I cried. I cried. I screamed. I swore to the Saint that I would Convert.

My cries fell on deaf ears. I was cold, hungry and tired. I called for the guards and asked to see a priest. They seemed ‘surprised’  that I believe we would die. Still, a few hours later I was taken to see a priest.

The guards were polite enough, and although they were on edge and nervous escorting me they did me no harm. They chained me in irons and to the wall.

A few hours later a Scour came to me. He spoke politely, and with the will of a seasoned priest.

We were guilty of trespassing on the churches road. I testified and confessed to that, even though we had been welcomed to travel with them.

The charge of Pestritto death… that was all me. It was my fault. And as recited by the priest, by not acting I was guilt and by association so were my friends. It was all my fault. My fault.

I was returned to my cell and shortly after Felghanis was taken to see the Prelate himself! By the gods Fel, what are you going to do now? I heard him speak to the guards and get a club to his head and shoulder. He almost fell to the floor but he went to see the Prelate anyhow. What was said there is unknown.

I was hungry and thirsty. Cold too and soon I passed out from exhaustion.

Day 54?

I cannot be certain of the days and times now. I woke up to hear the guards taking another prisoner away, not one of us.

Some time later we got water and I attempted to save some by creating more. The spell failed and well. I was wetter and colder than if I had gone into the sea myself. Cold… soooo sooo cold…. 

The Codger had warned me. Not to try my spells without my foci… without my catalyst charm necklace. He had warned me that without them the power drawn from my spirit and body it could have adverse effects, draining effects or something completely unexpected.

Well, been drenched by your own spell makes sense Guess that was unexpected.

Oh gods I am going to die here…

The added cold of my drenched clothing and bedding didnt help and soon I had collapsed again from the freezing cold near my skin…

I was out for hours. Have no idea what happened next but we ended up on a boat with other prisoners.

Day 55 – I think. On board the boat. The ship.

The ship was huge apparently. The walls were made of stone, and I swear I heard something groan when it ‘left’ port.

We were healed and we were fed. Soup, bread and water. Another prisoner, named Callen, killed another because he stole his food.

He was promptly beaten by the guards. Beaten badly.

I didnt look. I was so disgusted to be put in with this lot, a small part of me I think would prefer the other prison.  But at least we are fed here.

Fenris, another prisoner and the one from the church cells. He was a traitor. Said so himself.’ how could I be placed here with a traitor. I am no traitor. I am not a criminal. And now, I awake up and he is doing something.

Like meditating on a spell? Something. I cannot believe he is summoning something here. I tried to distract him by shaking the chains and was surprised to see that he was no longer bound. No longer bound!

Fenris escaped, and Ghanis screamed that a prisoner was escaping. fenris stormed back and smacked him. Somehow in the confusion or by Allusiels mind reading, she or he said something.

Fenris was going after the key to save us all from drowning. Drowning.

Maybe the saint thinks this is funny?

I tried to shape the wood but the spells kept failing and failing badly. Without my spell book or catalyst I was taking risks, pouring magicka into the wood and trying to force the effect I desired. I heard a trememdous crack from beneath us and the floor shook.

Dom got his manacles loose by sheer strength. The ship groaned again and I was beginning to panic.

I suddenly thought the ship was been attacked. By the heavens, what did he do? What did Fenris do? What did he do.

He suddenly came back, through the keys through the bars and fled. Soon we were been released. I helped Fel with Callen the murderer. We cannot leave him here. No matter what his crime.

The ship was dying. The girl Allusiel said something about a demonic bounding. Demon ships she said. What is the church doing consorting with demon powers?

Lightning. A brief argument with guards and we were let onto the deck. Guards were almost at a loss, the ship was turning up, rotating about to flip onto it’s size. The mage-captain ordered some guards.

We were finally able to get off the dying ship. Dying ship. What magic could create such a thing. I thought it was truly amazing as I tried to climb down the rope, slipped and fell landing on my behind again.

We landed, and the mage had ordered the guards to get three chests. Same as the one from the wagon. What is this? What is going on?

In a clearing, the wizard ordered us to be put in chains. Don ran. I couldnt be arrested again, I ran too, fleeing into the nearby brush and trees almost forgetting how unforgivably cold it was out there.

I found Don soon enough and soon after that we returned to the camp. You are free, the mage had said, but bring my Fenris. Dead or alive doesn’t matter. He killed the ship. Killed the ship by calling up what appeared to be a GIANT. Giants that were long since dead and all but forgotten.

Where too now?

Day 56 – Hunting Fenris

I learned. We learned that there was a war. And Felkbay was first to fall. Mamma, pappa. Codger. Noo. How can this be? Why did the Seer not see this? Why? Wait.

Riddles aside, what if the entire point was for us to leave? To be saved? by the Saint. That could almost make sense.

At least we were free.

The brothers, the other prisoners, when west. We headed East towards the Iron Town. It had been mentioned in Fel’s uncle’s, journal and would of course prove to be a useful refuge in this winter if it was vacant. We were also told that Fenris was a tomb raider, and that could be a likely target.

At least we were free. And all our belongings we were returned.


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