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Spell Touched Mind

Not sure what to call this one, but a basic thought that a young woman touched by magic at birth or perhaps prior through blood line mingling or some sort of event.

The Eclipse based concept is essentially that her magic is random – as in comes from a random source. She cannot ‘plan a head’ as each day her spells might be different.

A bit of paper work in this though 🙂 but some preparation in the likes of random spell lists will go a long way.

Essentially this would be bought with Enthusiast and all its upgrades.

9cp total.

Corrupted so it actually takes a full nights rest instead of just 1d4+1 hours to change. This is for effect so it increases CP available by 1. (total 3cp)

Further this is specialised for Spell Progression only, and further more, the progression is ‘random’ source. Effect. Total 6cp.

In game terms, each morning the character has a 50/50 chance of either using Divine Magic or Arcane Magic. Both are spontaneous using the Adept Progression. Limitations will be studies (spontaneous caster) and Components (arcane failure in armour, gestures etc) To keep things simple we make them both Cha Based (could complicate it with two different ability scores)

Furthermore, the progression itself is corrupted for known 50% more spells.

Thus at level 1, you will have 3/6 level 0 spells, and 1/3 first levels spells with the second slash been how many you may know.

The corruption is that the spells are completely random. The character has no choice of what she gains each morning. They are either drawn from the Wizard List or the Cleric List.

Random Tables are fairly easy: just dice rolls.

1 for ‘school’ and random for spell. if only 1 spell in that school then you get that spell.

The player can also pregen the lists before play and have them on ‘cards’ or sheets. six on each are easy to reduce the spell list or the GM can allow him to choose spells for each set and then roll randomly for which set he uses or she uses.

This saves time and makes thing easy with still limiting the character as per the corruption.

The player can also use the random spells generated as a sort of indicator of how the character might feel that morning. For example a day where she gets a lot of fire or damaging spells might make her hot tempered or a bit aggressive.. while getting healing spells or protection spells may make her more sympathetic or kind and gentle.

Could be fun to put this together in its entirety.

What you think?

Edit 1:

Lots of tools out there for randomness

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