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Making Dead Sight – The Character

fea3576fb8efeb6a086ab8a7afdb15ec-d32ybkhHere I will set about making the character in the Dead Sight story. Using Eclipse to build the basics of the character and to flesh her out if I get the chance to write some more or actually play her.

Read the story and get an idea of the character, and then check out below. This is the power of Eclipse – letting you build the character you want, whether to play or even as in this case, a story driven character.


Getting Started

I am yet to name her, so lets assume this is a generic version of Dead Sight. I am also going to build her at level ‘0’ first.

24cp Level 0. And 6 skill points (fast learner, specialised for skills) I am not adding the Bonus Feat or the Level 1 Feat. Disadvantages – Outcast. Basically this accounts to most of the poorer classed neighbourhoods in the city. Broke – she literally starts out with nothing more than the shirt on her back and spends most of which she acquires to survive. I’ll add in Young (opposite to old). This is a disadvantage as all her ability scores start out 1  lower than the actual amounts. Total of 34cp and 6 skill points. Broke may not actually be appropriate as she is not classed yet, but lets keep it there for now. Any left over points can simply carry over into ‘level 1’.


The Basics

Hit Dice: d4 – 0 she is a child (preteen) after all.

BAB: 0, yeah right.

Skill Points: 6 base. Figure another 6 from character points. 6cp

Saving Throws: Will Power +1, 3cp – if she didn’t have a high Will she would probably go insane.

Proficiencies: None.

Total: 9cp



Dead Sight: Taken as Occult Sense . Range 30 feet. She sees people that are near death (less than 3 hit points), or dying (less than 0 hit points). – 6cp

The ‘feeding on the souls’ is taken as an Inherent Spell. You may recognise this from Blood Mind. Basically a varied version of Death Knell.

This spell is level 3, so only 1 use per day (usually)

Inherent Spell. Soul Feast – She gains +1 ‘temp’ power point and +1 caster level per creature slain. Range 10 ft. Area. 10ft radius. Duration: 1 min per slain creature. Save: Will or Die

Specialised for effect, triggers automatically. This can be stopped with a DC 20 + (Character Level) Will Save on her part.  Final effect, 2 per day. Final Cost – 6 cp

Edit: Option 2. Seen she is loosely based on a Wilder, we could drop the Inherent Spell and take Hysteria. Powered by the dying (Thus she cannot actually kill the creature using this, the target has to actually die). Basically LOS limited by Dead Sight. Any number of creatures, but must be sentient. Effect is +1 Power Point per death, +1 Caster Level per death. Duration 1 minute flat. Drawback, 5% chance per death that she goes into a fit. Essentially if this occurs she is stunned for 1 round per creature and does not gain the benefit of Hysteria. Total cost, also, 6cp. But not limited per day etc.  (Do not ever have her on a battle field.)


Magic Progression: Wilder.

This is specialised for cost. Power Points never refresh. Only gains temp power points via Soul Feast and starts with 0 Power, does not gain Power for having high ability score. Final Effect – 1 power (Mind Thrust), Final Cost: 3cp

Total Cost: 15cp

We have made the character at 24cp. The 10cp from disadvantages can be taken later. It may even be a good idea to drop thinks like Outcast/Young and only have Broke.



Will have to wait for the story. This character will most likely become a rogue/thief and be very reluctant to kill. Might even gain healing touch later on, or just be very good at binding wounds.

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