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d20 – The Arcane Rogue

The rogue is the quintessential dungeon delver, trap disarmer, con artist, deceiver and all round trouble maker. I love rogues. When you get lucky you get to deal a whole lot of damage, and when you got time to role play you have a thousand choices on your personality – the scoundrel, the charmer, the backstabber and slit throat… good, evil or somewhere in between…


I also like magic and psionics, although very seldom to I ever play a fully fledged magician or psion. But I have been thinking for the last two hours of an Arcane Rogue – no not a rogue that dabbles in magic. Rather a mage who specialises in thievery.

Also, this is not an Eclipse build but rather just an idea or more to the point, a collection of spells from the SRD alone that are really relevant to thievery.

Level 0

Mage Hand – well duh.  move things at a distant

Detect Magic – really good if you looking for the money loot.

Detect Poison – if you paranoid – can also detect poison traps EFG

Dancing Lights – more condensed than the Light spell meaning you can control where it goes and hold the orb in your hand like a torch. Of course you can cast light on a coin or stone as well.

Ghost Sound – only use here is to distract guards or other people.

Open/Close – only useful on things that are not locked. Your DM might say a latched window is effectively locked. But if you can see the latch, then Mage Hand should work.


Level 1

Change Self or Disguise Self – very good to run down an alley after been spotted and presto you are someone else.

Charm Person – Charm your way passed the guards

Sleep – if they low level goons or if the occupants are awake

Hold Portal – good to lock someone in a room.

Mount – yes it is a good idea. To make haste with your escape and also as a ebast of burden

Unseen Servant – if you can see into a room you can use it to open windows, doors etc

Detect Secret Doors – enough said

Floating Disk – to haul the loot

Silent Image – distraction

Ventriloquism – distraction

Expeditious Retreat – make haste your escape

Feather Fall – jump off a building

Jump – jump across buildings


Level 2

Knock – self explanatory

Obscure Object – useful if its a unique item

Fog Cloud – distraction

Detect Thoughts – discover what the guards are thinking

Locate Object – you can locate general items like jewellery, gems and how about Locate Object- mechanical traps?

Darkness – distraction

Shatter – on windows.  But noise might be a problem

Invisibility – the Ultimate in stealth

Minor Image – better than Silent Image

Misdirection – in case you are spotted

Alter Self – a better disguise

Dark Vision – very useful for those who don’t have it

Levitate – get to the upper levels

Rope Trick – Hide away

Spider Climb – self explanatory


Level 3

Dispel Magic – get rid of nasty magic traps

Nondetection – hide yourself or the object you stole from scrying

Arcane Sight – better than detect magic

Deep Slumber- better than sleep

Suggestion – get guards to leave post

Major Image – distraction

Fly- escape

Shrink Item – make the item small… very small


Level 4 (last level I promise)

Dimension Door – get in and out without touching the door

Detect Scrying – for the paranoid ones

Charm Monster – more powerful than charm person

Geas, lesser – more powerful than suggestion

Illusory Wall – wall, floor, ceiling looks real – very tricky one.

Invis Greater – just means you can fight if you need to

Polymorph – escape spell

Stone Shape – escape spell


You don’t even need all these, as a 5th level Wizard you are pretty well set to be a thief. Skill wise you should get diplomacy and gather info so you can find a buyer for your hard earned loot. Even a sorcerer can pull this off – been very specialised. Bards have access top a lot of the above as well, and a wide skill list.   With enough thought and preparation your Wizard in the party that doesn’t have a rogue can acquire these spells.

I will do a psionic comparison some time but most of these spells are available as psionic powers anyway.

Hope you like… cheers for now 🙂

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