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Witch Hunter – d20 Eclipse Build

Drawn_wallpapers_Painted_girls_Girlfriend_with_red_hair_025989_ This is a d20 Eclipse build for a specialised witch hunter style character that focuses on movement and grappling.

The man stepped slowly from a side alley into the darkness of the night. She could smell him, even though he was almost sixty feet away in the dark. The stench of magicka, a spicy, salty, sulphurous smell filled her nose. She moved closer, staggering, calling out for him to help her.

He turned, his eyes gleaming with the recent use of his power. He stepped closer to the woman who seemed to be wounded, an easy target for anyone, and a temptation for the mage.

He took another step forward and then stopped, sensing that something was not right. The woman straightened herself, knowing that her ruse was up. She smiled, “I have you now witch.” The mage began a spell, and in a sudden instant she was behind him, and her arms grappled around his body with the strength of an ogre. He bellowed out in pain as cracks echoed through the night with each breaking rib…

Getting Started

This is a generic build, regardless of race. So starts with 48 character points and an additional 6 for first level feat. Also the character will have duties (2 cp per level) to an organisation or lord or something. Restrictions (+1 per level) – cannot use spells or powers except in the combat of magic users or supernaturals/outsiders etc.  Disadvantages include healing resistant (3cp) and two others for another 7cp. This gives a total of 67cp at level 1.

The Basics

Hit Dice: d8. 4cp

Warcraft: 0cp

Saves: Will and Ref +2 each. 12cp

Skills: 12cp

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, Light Armour. 9cp

Total: 37cp


Magic Progression: Wilder (6cp), Studies (spontaneous), Restrictive (no wide area damaging spells). Charisma Based. Has access to psychic warrior list.

Path (6cp) – Freedom Mantle. As per Complete Psionic.

Path Feat (6cp) – the associated Feat with the Freedom Mantle

Specialist (3cp): This applies to the Freedom mantle and grants one extra known power per spell level up to level three, chosen from that Mantle.

Evasive (3cp): Grapple checks do not provoke AoO.

Augmented Attack (3cp): +1d6 damage to opponent you are grappling.

Total: 27cp

Build Total: 64 character points

Wow! How close is that. Essentially the character has a wide range of powers/defensive moves that she can use when in combat or while hunting a known spell caster, supernatural creature or outsider. This could be varied greatly, but still prevents the character from using powers against ordinary characters. This restriction only applies to powers and not other abilities of the class such as the grapple ability.


The most obvious is that of the psionic progression. That is every level. Also every 3rd level, the augment should improve and every 4th level or so, character points permissing, she should get extra mantles. Unlike most classes that use Mantles, this Witch Hunter is not only limited to powers on the mantle list and can gain any psychic warrior power too.


PS this is an NPC I created who is part of the Binders – a specialist militaristic arm of the Karakkis City Guard. Karakkis is a large port town known for its total hatred of non-divine magic.  Yes that means this character is hypocritical, but if you throw in the ‘secret’ disadvantage, means that her own people don’t know she has the power and she has to guard it. That will make an interesting player character.

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