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Fate Weaver–The Build

d20 Eclipse Build – This is the character/class build for Diandra the Fate Weaver.

Diandra was a street rat, so this build is going to reflect that. Essentially it will be like a multi class character – the first half of the build will be her old life and the second half will be the new life – that of the Fate Weaver.

Getting Started

As a first level human we have 48cp plus 6 for the level one feat. Plus four skill points for Fast Learner.

Let’s see how we go without any disadvantages.

The Basics

Hit Dice: d6. Combat is not all that common to her, so d6 should be fine. 2cp

Warcraft: +0. She has never had formal combat training as of yet. 0cp

Saves: +1 on all. She is a street rat and grew used to or accustomed to many things. 9cp

Skills: Firstly we upgrade the Fast Learner by paying 3cp. This gives us 8 skill points at level 1 plus 2 per level there after. We also spend 6cp on skills.

Proficiencies: Simple Weapons – 3cp. No armour proficiencies as she could never afford any.

Total: 18cp

Specials – Street Rat

Skill Focus: +1 with Search. 2cp

Speed: Search in half the time, corrupted– only when searching for valuables. 4cp

Skill Focus: +1 with Sleight of Hand. 2cp

Speed: Use skill in half the time. Corrupted only for pick pocket. 4cp

Lore: General rumours and lore of the town, middle class, some lower nobles and superstitions as well. 6cp

Fortitude Save Bonus +2. Corrupted only vs poisons and diseases. 4cp

Total Cost Street Rat: 22cp



Specials – Fate Weaver

Diandra’s training took almost five full years to complete before her Mentor let her go. These abilities stem from that training.

Caster: Cleric Package. Fate Weavers are ‘faithful’ in their beliefs and have a code of conduct. Charisma Based. Spontaneous Caster.

Limitations: Components and Armour Failure – One has to mover quick to adjust the flow of Fate. No Direct Physical Damage Spells (ie no hit point damage, but ability damage is ok.) and Code of Conduct. Studies (Spontaneous). Four limitations reduces the cost to 8cp per level.

Package Grants two domains. Fate and Time in this case. This also grants 1 additional spell slot per level (other than 0) to cast spells on these lists.

Two feats attached to the domains are Luck for Fate and Action Hero (Stunts) for Time. Luck is also corrupted/specialised for rerolls only and cost Action Points.Starts with 3 action points and gains 2 + Level each time a new level is gained. Limited to number one can have stored up as well.

Spells on the domains. Spells like True Strike, Bless and the like will be on the list but we wont complete those here.

The spell list will most likely be limited as well. Already we knocked out direct damage spells, so while Cure Light Wounds would be ok, Cause Would not. We can in fact get rid of cure spells altogether as well – but keep Raise Dead and Reincarnation perhaps. Let

Total Cost Fate Weaver: 8cp

Total Class Cost: 48cp

This does leave the level one Feat. That could be used for almost anything. In this case I figure another 6cp worth of skills would be good!

In Play

So what does this all mean?

Well, she has many common rogue skills and Searching for coin or loot and Picking Pockets is very easy far her and she can do so quickly.

She is generally more resistant to common diseases and poisons than most.

She has a few spells.5 0th level spells and 3 1st Level drawn from the Cleric List. Her two domains also have additional spells on them. At level one, Time would have Expeditious Retreat and Fate would have True Strike.For ease of use, we will say any spell on her domain list are on her list as well.

Her cantrips or orisons would be Guidance, Virtue, Resistance, Mending, Flare

Her 1st level spells would be Divine Favour, Doom, Shield of Faith

She tends to travel with a staff, a few daggers and a sling for ranged attacks – just in case.

Her Fate Weaver abilities allow her to gain a temporary new ability for a short time (Stunts) or to reroll “Rewind Fate” a few times a level, but not many. (She starts with 3 Action Points)

Roleplaying wise she is effectively Neutral Alignment, but might lean back towards her thieving past.


Magic should become the centre of the character. Improving the number of spells she has and the number of uses of her abilities as well. Depending on how she is played – thief or sage – could depend on other abilities that are improved, such as warcraft, hit points and skills.

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