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3D Battle Boards – TTRPG Maps

Alien Streets 1-no grid - Patreon/3DBattleboards

I’m a roleplaying of over 30 years and a dabbler of art and roleplaying accessories. Welcome to 3D Battle BoardsĀ – this page is dedicated to RPG accessories, maps, and what I call Battle Boards – physical terrain and dioramas for your tabletop games, most of which is created using recycled materials in combination with 3D printing technologies.

Battle Boards (Physical RPG Maps with a Digital top-down view photograph available) These are made to be able to fit together and thrown on a table (no annoying clips to worry about) and most will be base coated with grey paint while some may even be painted. As all of these are unique, no 2 will be exactly the same! All are designed with 28/32mm miniatures in mind for games like Dungeons and Dragons, Dark Era RPG (a game of my own design), Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, and more.

I will also use applications and software to make Virtual RPG Maps across genres.

Battle Vault (Accessories and Props) These will be scatter terrain and the like from trees, boulders, and broken machinery many of which will have an exotic or alien theme.

Battle Barracks (Miniatures) As I am still learning sculpting and rigging, from time to time I will release miniatures from monstrous beasts to walking trees, secret agents to aliens.

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